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Cloud Computing is the most cost-effective, efficient way to operate IT systems today. Rather than investing thousands of dollars in hardware and IT services to store, manage and process data or run applications, you can tap into shared computing resources that come with built-in security and management from top IT experts. You’ll no longer have to predict your IT needs for years to come, because cloud allows you to pay for only what you need now, with the option to quickly increase and decrease your computing resources as your needs change.

Advantages of Proactive IT’s cloud computing services include:

  • LOW UPFRONT COSTS: Startup costs are a fraction of building an on-premises network because you don’t have to invest in server hardware and you pay only for the computing resources that you need today.
  • PREDICTABLE COSTS OVER TIME: The cloud delivers computing services via a predictable and reasonable monthly cost, which allows you to better plan and budget over the long term.
  • QUICK & EASY SCALABILITY: The cloud model ensures you pay only for the services you need and can quickly scale to accommodate increased or decreased resource needs.
  • ENTERPRISE-GRADE SECRUITY: Cloud solutions are built with enterprise-class infrastructure and security. They are highly redundant, highly protected, secure and scalable.
  • POWERFUL CAPABILITIES: Cloud computing enables small and midsize business to gain capabilities they could never otherwise afford.

Proactive IT’s cloud computing services include:

  • CLOUD BACKUP & DISASTER RECOVERY: Backup your business data to a secure, remote data center. No more servers, hard drives, tapes or disks to maintain, worry about, keep track of and replace. Plus, if weather or other disaster affects your local area, you can be assured that your business data is safe and accessible in a remote facility.
  • CLOUD EMAIL: Give your business communications the benefits of an enterprise solution without the headaches or overhead of running your own server. Benefits include shared calendars, shared contacts, remote access from anywhere via the Web and smartphone/tablet integration.
  • HOSTED APPLICATIONS: Proactive IT can host your key business applications at a Charlotte-based data center and deliver them to your users securely over the Internet. Users can access your applications from multiple locations without the burden or expense of buying and maintaining your own server.
  • HOSTED SERVERS: Where it makes good business sense, Proactive IT can run your servers on our Cloud Server Platform. We host and manage servers for you so that you don’t have to buy them.

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