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Data loss is one of the biggest IT risks facing businesses today. Many employees prefer to work remotely, and some sales, services and other jobs can’t be done solely from your company’s premises. Using mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and personally owned computers to conduct business and access company data is now the norm in many firms, but it’s also risky.

Here’s why: Mobile devices, and therefore any unsecured data stored on them, are often lost or stolen. Not only that, but data in transmission – from a mobile device or even a computer on your internal network – may be vulnerable to theft unless it’s encrypted and secured. Not only would it be a tragedy to to lose intellectual property, client information or other key business data, if unprotected data contains financial, medical or other regulatory protected data, you could be subject to legal penalties and public relations hits that could wipe out your business. Proactive IT’s data protection and encryption services secure your critical business data with:

  • DATA THEFT PROTECTION: We protect your data against unauthorized access in the event a device is lost or stolen.
  • UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS PREVENTION: We prevent unauthorized users from accessing data by encrypting the hard drive with a password at startup.
  • CONTINUOUS ENCRYPTION: We set up the encryption/decryption driver so it continually runs in the background, automatically encrypting data as it is stored on the disk.
  • FIREWALLS & INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION: We ensure that all of your firewalls, systems and security are up-to-date and operating properly to prevent security threats from entering your network.
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT: We easily and quickly manage your security policies from a remotely managed resource so you don’t have to.
  • VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT: We audit your network and users to identify and close potential security gaps before a cyber criminal can take advantage of them.

Proactive IT’s data protection services reduce the risk that you’ll lose critical business data to mistakes or malicious people. To learn how Proactive IT’s security experts can help you protect your valuable data, please contact us today.

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