You’ve done the research and feel confident in the benefits that managed IT services could provide for your small business. The only problem is that these types of services cost money, and while it’s an investment that’s well worth it, you aren’t sure where the funds to support an IT service will come from.

If you’ve found yourself weighing the benefits of IT support against the hit your budget will take, you’re not alone. Budget concerns are one of the main reasons that small businesses shy away from getting the IT consulting and support they need. That said, there’s no reason to let budget concerns prevent you from connecting with an IT agency that can actually protect your financial future.

The answer is in the planning. Here are three tips for making room in your budget for the managed IT services you need.

The Budget Breakdown

The first step in preparing your budget to take on IT services is to look at all the areas you’re already spending money that can be eliminated once you’ve agreed to work with an IT support team.

For example, there’s the cost of cloud storage, hardware installation and regular upgrades, as well as the fees associated with software licenses. These are almost always incorporated into the fees that you’d pay a managed IT service.

It’s also smart to approach managed IT from a payroll perspective. If you’re deciding between adding a dedicated IT specialist to your team or working with a managed service, choosing an agency is almost always a smarter financial decision. You should also consider the potential financial pitfalls of covering an IT team member’s sick or vacation time, and how you’ll handle IT responsibilities while they’re away.

No Surprises

For smaller businesses that are working with limited budgets, there are few things worse than an unexpected financial blow. IT issues, whether you’re talking about a software update or natural disaster that puts your data at risk, can leave businesses scrambling to cover the unexpected costs. This fails to be an issue with managed IT services.

If you’re considering working with a service, you can easily look ahead and factor the cost of IT support into your budget ahead of time. A managed IT service is a predictable expense that you can easily work into your budget and plan for in advance.

Be Realistic

You can’t budget for IT services if you aren’t sure about what types of services you need or how much they cost. The only sure way to get an accurate idea of how to best budget for these services is by speaking directly with a professional that can answer your questions. It isn’t safe to assume that because you’re a smaller business that you need only a baseline level of IT support.
The right professional can work with you, discuss your needs and make sure that you’re covered while helping you stick to your budget. We offer a range of managed IT services and our team can help you learn more about what IT support means for your growing business. Contact Proactive IT and learn more about managed IT services and how to budget for them today.