It feels safe to say that most of your business decisions are made by weighing the cost against the benefit or profit gained. After all, you’re in business to build revenue, not spend it frivolously. This is why when so many business first balk at the idea of working with a managed IT provider. Considering that they’re probably already trying to handle IT support in-house, the hesitation makes sense.

The only problem is that nobody has taken the time to show them exactly how managed IT services can actually lower costs overall. While a quality IT services provider is an investment, it’s one that will pay off in dividends for the future growth of your business.

Is curiosity getting the best of you? Here are 5 ways that Managed IT can lower costs for your business.

Improved Productivity

Over the course of a year, how much productivity and time do you lose to your network being down or even something as simple as your system running slow? Tech related problems are an everyday obstacle for businesses. While you may have someone on staff that is capable of handling complex technology issues, are they able to address and fix them quick enough that productivity isn’t affected?

A managed IT service provider is proactive in protecting your business. They often spot issues with technology before they cause a major issue and they’re able to quickly resolve any problems before the glitch costs your business time, productivity and money.

Enhanced Protection Against Cyber Crimes

Cyber crimes are devastating to businesses of all sizes. It’s estimated that the cost of cyber-crime is $11.7 per organization. This is a number that effectively illustrates why it’s so difficult for businesses to recover from an attack – if they can recover at all.

A managed IT provider keeps a proactive, watchful eye on your data and security networks day and night. They stop attacks from happening and quickly recover any damages from any threat that does happen to get through. Not only does this save you money from a recovery standpoint, but just one incident of compromised data can negatively impact future growth.

Collaborative Technologies

Working with an IT Professional means that your daily business operations become more streamlined with collaborative technologies. From data storage to file sharing, the right technology solutions will save your company money and build revenue as your team is able to perform more efficiently.

Plus, collaborative technologies are important from a business management perspective. Your ability to gather data and form valuable insights is improved, which equals better decisions and greater potential for your business.


Technology is always changing. On one hand this is great because with advancement comes greater capabilities. However, on the other hand, it’s a struggle to stay on top of what’s new and what will perform the best for your business.

A managed IT team is there to keep you connected to the latest technology and innovations that are important for your business. They keep up on updates and new software to make sure you’re optimized for success.


Along with new technology comes the need for team members that are knowledgeable and capable of working with it. Training and onboarding can be an incredible expense for businesses, especially in industries where keeping up with technology is essential.

A managed IT provider can help your team adapt to changes faster and more efficiently. With a professional approach to training, you reduce any loss associated with learning curves and downtown for trainings.

This is only the beginning of how managed IT can lower the overall costs of running your business. If you’d like to know more, contact Proactive IT to speak with one of our IT consulting professionals today.