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We Are Proactive

Proactive IT prevents problems before they happen. We continually monitor our customer’s computers from our operations center.We identify and fix problems while they are still minor to make our customer’s IT environments reliable, secure and high-performing.

We Are Comprehensive

We provide a fast, efficient and dependable level of IT support that large corporations get from entire IT departments. Our well-trained technicians keep your IT infrastructure safe, secure and healthy with 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and management.

We Are Responsive

Proactive IT’s support desk, systems and procedures have been designed to ensure we are the most responsive IT company in the region. Our guaranteed 30 minute response to critical IT issues beats the industry
standard by half.

We Are Reliable

Proactive IT offers two levels of service to support the specific needs of a small and mid-size business. Our well-trained, professional and reliable technicians keep your IT infrastructure safe, secure and healthy with 24/7 monitoring, management and maintenance.

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Serverless Networks: The Next Wave of the Future

Serverless networks are coming to businesses near you.  Yes, I’m talking about technological advances that could mean you’ll never need to buy another server again.  Back in the day, businesses needed on-site servers to run their applications, store their...

What Salesforce Reveals about the Risks of Cloud Computing

It was called “the worst service disruption in Salesforce’s history.” Yes, I’m referring to the recent Salesforce disaster that sparked over 3,000 outages and affected users across the United States according to CRN. It’s a timely reminder that there are benefits and...

Is Cloud Storage Data Loss Possible? According to Microsoft, Yes It Is.

Your business has done the smart thing. From internal emails to shared files, you’ve placed all your company’s essential data in the cloud. No more updates for fully hosted applications. No more security patches. And certainly no more worries about losing your data....

Core Services

Our Services Help Small to mid-sized businesses minimize downtime and avoid unplanned IT expenses by focusing on Prevention, Procedures & Proactivity.

Cyber Security

Proactive IT implements a robust, layered security methodology, to best secure your business network and intellectual property. Security is essential to your business. Hackers from China, Russia and elsewhere… read more

Disaster Recovery

Our customers enjoy 15-minute recovery from system failures and benefit from automatic, secure offsite backup of their data.  Can your current provider accomplish the same? … read more

Data Protection

Do your employees work remotely, use smartphones or tablets, or work from home on personal computers? Mobile devices and end-users are the most inadequately managed IT risks facing businesses today. … read more

Managed Services

Proactive IT reduces your risks, delivers peace of mind, and makes costs predictable. Never be nickle-and-dimed again… read more

Cloud Services

What is the Cloud? How can the Cloud benefit your business? Can Cloud help me save money? How do I get to the Cloud?… read more

IT Support

Does your business have full-time IT staff that are overwhelmed and need help? Would your IT support benefit from extra help and expertise? Proactive can help… read more

Our COVID-19 Update: Simple Guidance If Your Employees Are Working from Home

We can’t predict how bad the coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to get.  The medical professionals I’ve communicated with indicate that it’s going to depend on what happens in the next two to three weeks.  Right now, social distancing is a must.  For...

The Ransomware Data Breach Phenomenon

I came across a chilling article recently—an article that announces a new type of attack, the ransomware data breach.  This piece talks about how cybercriminals have been accessing networks on the sly to determine how ransomware might cripple an organization...

9 North Carolina Cybersecurity Incidents That Happened in 2019

In 2019, our state saw its share of cybercrime. From ransomware to malicious code, I can document at least 9 North Carolina cybersecurity incidents that happened last year. And here’s what’s sobering. This is probably the tip of the iceberg as CSO reports the...

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is a valid one. Especially when it is backed up by fast response, and delivery of what is promised. Having had other IT companies over the years of our practice, I can truly say that we have never been in better hands.”

– Stuart Hodgeman, Ted A. Greve & Associates

30 Minute Response Time

We promise a 30 minute response time for critical issues, compared to the industry standard 60 minutes.

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