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We Are Proactive

Proactive IT prevents problems before they happen. We continually monitor our customer’s computers from our operations center.We identify and fix problems while they are still minor to make our customer’s IT environments reliable, secure and high-performing.

We Are Comprehensive

We provide a fast, efficient and dependable level of IT support that large corporations get from entire IT departments. Our well-trained technicians keep your IT infrastructure safe, secure and healthy with 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and management.

We Are Responsive

Proactive IT’s support desk, systems and procedures have been designed to ensure we are the most responsive IT company in the region. Our guaranteed 30 minute response to critical IT issues beats the industry
standard by half.

We Are Reliable

Proactive IT offers two levels of service to support the specific needs of a small and mid-size business. Our well-trained, professional and reliable technicians keep your IT infrastructure safe, secure and healthy with 24/7 monitoring, management and maintenance.

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Can your business go green by switching to the cloud?

Cloud computing has quickly become a popular option for businesses that want to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and become more flexible. But are you swayed by the idea that cloud services are automatically better for the environment? Could the need to do...

Important Update for MS365 Users

Important Update for MS365 Users We've got an important update for Microsoft 365 users: prices are increasing in March!  This is Microsoft's first price increase in ten years - and it's expected to be an increase of about 20 - 40%, depending on which of their products...

Your Backup Software Probably Isn’t Providing What You Need. Here’s How to Know…

Your backup software probably isn’t providing what you need.    I know that’s a strong statement.   But it’s rooted in reality.   Too many companies think that their data is safe because they're using a backup tool. But their data is actually in peril, which could...

Core Services

Our Services Help Small to mid-sized businesses minimize downtime and avoid unplanned IT expenses by focusing on Prevention, Procedures & Proactivity.

Cyber Security

Proactive IT implements a robust, layered security methodology, to best secure your business network and intellectual property. Security is essential to your business. Hackers from China, Russia and elsewhere… read more

Disaster Recovery

Our customers enjoy 15-minute recovery from system failures and benefit from automatic, secure offsite backup of their data.  Can your current provider accomplish the same? … read more

Data Protection

Do your employees work remotely, use smartphones or tablets, or work from home on personal computers? Mobile devices and end-users are the most inadequately managed IT risks facing businesses today. … read more

Managed Services

Proactive IT reduces your risks, delivers peace of mind, and makes costs predictable. Never be nickle-and-dimed again… read more

Cloud Services

What is the Cloud? How can the Cloud benefit your business? Can Cloud help me save money? How do I get to the Cloud?… read more

IT Support

Does your business have full-time IT staff that are overwhelmed and need help? Would your IT support benefit from extra help and expertise? Proactive can help… read more

Client Update: Our Solution to Recent Microsoft 365 Phishing Attacks

As described in a previous blog post, we have observed a concerning increase in successful phishing attacks against Microsoft 365 accounts that have MFA enabled and enforced. We have invested heavily in researching available options that will mitigate the risks posed...

Phishing Attacks Are Becoming More Sophisticated: Here’s What You Need to Know

We've observed a concerning rise in successful phishing attacks leading to compromised email accounts. Quite simply, the bad guys are getting more and more sophisticated. To protect your organization, it is important that you remain informed and vigilant. Here’s what...

January 2024 Security Advisory: Watch for This Social Phishing Scam 

Last week, one of our clients experienced an interesting phishing scam. Our client was not the “target” – in fact, the scam targeted job applicants seeking a position at our client’s company. And the scam was perpetrated using publicly-available information – no...

What Our Customers Are Saying

“The saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is a valid one. Especially when it is backed up by fast response, and delivery of what is promised. Having had other IT companies over the years of our practice, I can truly say that we have never been in better hands.”

– Stuart Hodgeman, Ted A. Greve & Associates

New! A better way to find Chrome extensions

New! A better way to find Chrome extensions

If you use Google Chrome, you’ll love this. Google has just rolled out a game-changing update that's going to make your browser more powerful than ever. It’s the revamped Chrome Web Store, featuring a fresh design and exciting new features. Now, if you're like me,...

read more
Is app overload slowing down your team?

Is app overload slowing down your team?

Ever had one of those days where you feel like your inbox is staging a coup against your productivity? You're not alone. In fact, a recent study revealed that 80% of our communications are still happening via email. Yes, despite all the apps, chat services, and...

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3 ways AI makes almost any business task easier

In the fast evolving world of technology, business owners and managers like you are always on the lookout for the next big thing to give them a competitive edge. Have you considered how AI tools might be able to help? ChatGPT – or Generative Pretrained Transformer, if...

Privacy alert: Change this setting in Edge, now

Don't be mistaken, we love Microsoft Edge (and think you will too), but lately, something has come to our attention that we wanted to share. It's always a good idea to be aware of what your browser is doing behind the scenes. And there’s an Edge setting that you might...

Stop! And think, before you act on that email

How many times a day do you respond to an email without really thinking about its contents?   Maybe it's a request for some information. Perhaps it’s asking you to pay an invoice. All mundane stuff. But no sooner than you’ve hit send, you've fallen victim to a...

30 Minute Response Time

We promise a 30 minute response time for critical issues, compared to the industry standard 60 minutes.

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