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Securing your network, inside and out, is essential to your business. Hackers from China, Russia, here in the U.S., and all over the world are working to crack into your network and steal your critical business, intellectual property and financial data. They’re actively deploying malware, including viruses, Trojans, and phishing and social engineering attacks, masquerading as safe communications and designed to trick your users into introducing threats into your network.

The legal risks of losing your customers’ private business and financial data could wipe out everything you’ve worked for. You need advanced security solutions from Proactive IT to defend your business against these very serious threats. Proactive IT’s network security experts will set up an active, 24×7 defense to protect your network and keep your business safe. Our multilayered network security services use network firewalls, endpoint solutions (including antivirus, malware and phishing defenses), and training and testing of end users to protect networks against all the different ways threats can enter an IT infrastructure. Proactive IT’s services help our clients comply with statutory and regulatory risk-management requirements, as well as securely and accurately exchange accurate data within and outside of the company network. Most IT problems can be avoided with Proactive IT’s proactive monitoring of network and end-user systems. Contact us today to learn more about Proactive IT’s network security solutions and how we can help reduce the risk associated with IT.

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