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Managed IT Services

When something goes wrong, we fix it at no additional cost. Other IT companies profit when things go wrong. Your server fails, they bill hours. A PC crashes, they bill more hours. With Proactive IT’s plans, problems cost us both money and productivity, and therefore, our focus is on making sure our team is as proactive as possible to prevent problems. With Proactive IT, the conflict of interest is gone forever.

What Managed IT Services by Proactive IT Will Do for Your Business:

  • MAKE COSTS PREDICTABLE by providing your business with a comprehensive, outsourced IT department at a fixed monthly rate.
  • REDUCE RISK because we require no long term contract.  We believe we need to win your business each and every month.
  • DELIVER PEACE OF MIND by assuming the burden of managing and maintaining IT assets and guaranteeing uptime.
  • PREVENT PROBLEMS before they occur with regular maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of systems. Our remote monitoring services allow us to identify and fix potential IT problems before they happen.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE by engaging users and managers with strategies for improvement. We’ll show you how to get more security, better performance, higher productivity, extra reliability, and new life from your IT network.
  • BETTER MANAGE your systems by implementing technology, processes and procedures that allow for professional, enterprise-class management of information systems for your businesses.
  • IMPROVE SECURITY with advanced services, including data encryption, end-user training and testing, and business continuity systems, which protect your valuable business data against internal and external threats.

With Managed IT Services, Proactive IT assumes day-to-day responsibility for all of your business’ IT, handling the low-level, repetitive IT tasks necessary to sustain a secure, healthy, high-performance environment.  Proactive IT’s approach, with no long-term commitment and a 30-minute response guarantee for critical issues, enables small and midsize businesses to reduce IT expenses, minimize downtime, shrink unexpected expenses and exploit IT to strategically grow their businesses. Call me to learn more!  704 464 3075.

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