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Your organization can’t afford an IT mishap.

The loss of sensitive data can quickly breach stakeholder trust. A dead server can easily cost you thousands in revenue. And poorly trained employees can swiftly place your company at risk.

At Proactive IT, we address these challenges head-on. Our team offers managed IT services for Charlotte businesses and organizations nationwide—as well as cybersecurity, business continuity, and compliance support. Not only do we help companies implement best practices, but we also respond to their needs in minutes…not hours.

The results our clients experience?

Smoother business operations. More secure networks. And better peace of mind for busy decision-makers.

Our Managed IT Services Can Support Your Organization If…

You care about the details.
When it comes to your IT infrastructure, small details can have a big impact. At Proactive IT, we understand this and rely on checklist-based protocols and predefined procedures for our clients.

You’re tired of waiting hours for a response.
Partner with a managed IT services provider in Charlotte who treats emergencies…like emergencies. Proactive IT responds to urgent needs in 30 minutes (or less) during business hours and 60 minutes after hours.

You understand the importance of trained employees.
No matter how airtight your security, a lack of end-user training can place your network in jeopardy. Proactive IT provides employee training to prevent cybersecurity and business continuity issues.

You still value a phone conversation.
We’re all about technological advancement…except when our clients want to call us. If you have a pressing IT challenge, simply pick up the phone. We’re here to talk.

You’re tired of being locked into two-year agreements.
At Proactive IT, we don’t need long-term contracts to keep our clients. We’d rather rely on standout service—that supports productivity, decreases risk, and makes your job as a decision-maker a little easier.

Unhappy with your current provider?

Learn more about how Proactive IT is doing IT better.

Our Journey to Becoming a Charlotte-Based Managed IT Services Provider

Our journey as a managed IT services provider for Charlotte businesses began in 2007 when our founder, Steve Kennen, launched his second IT company.

Since our company’s inception, we’ve expanded our team while staying abreast of the shifting IT landscape. While cybersecurity and business continuity issues are complex, we’ve risen to the challenge—providing proactive, detail-driven IT service.

Our company is a one-stop shop for IT support, offering businesses the advantages of a full-service IT department—while significantly reducing overhead costs.

Our specialties include…

  • Managed IT services.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Business continuity.
  • Compliance.

Our Managed IT Services in Charlotte Support a Range of Industries

At Proactive IT, we serve clients from a variety of industries. Some of the sectors we support include…

  • Legal services.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Financial accounting.
  • Women’s leadership.
  • Nonprofit.

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