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The managed detect and respond (MDR) service from Proactive IT uses AI to analyze behavior and detect hidden bad actors while providing a 24/7 global security operations center (SOC) to monitor for cyberthreats and deliver assistance as needed. In addition, MDR aligns your business with crucial NIST cybersecurity standards.

From multivariant ransomware attacks to the latest cryptomining infiltrations, MDR stops active threats, minimizes harm, and even rolls back ransomware—and it’s backed with a $1-million warranty.

Key Benefits for Business Owners

Continuous Security Operations Center Monitoring

Our security operations center (SOC) monitors for malicious attacks 24/7 and provides additional support for addressing cybercrime incidents.

Next-Gen Threat Detection

Traditional antivirus programs look for threats by comparing files against a database of what’s considered dangerous. In contrast, MDR not only spots thousands of virus and malware attack variants but also proactively detects threats by observing patterns and recognizing abnormal activity, such as a file launching hidden windows and processes in the background. Should malicious behavior occur, MDR can shut down criminal action and trigger the remediation process.

Rapid Remediation

Reverse the malicious operations of ransomware, and remediate them at an agile speed. MDR constantly takes snapshots of your IT system. If your data is compromised, MDR can quickly roll back files to a previous snapshot deemed safe and restore your system to an acceptable risk state.

Security That Goes Where You Go

Detect all known and unknown threats—regardless of where your employees work (office, home, airport, café, hotel, etc.). Protect desktop and server environments for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as virtualized servers in AWS, VMware, and more.

$1-Million Ransomware Warranty

Our endpoint security service comes with a $1-million warranty to cover ransomware costs should MDR be unable to protect or remediate. While it’s improbable that a ransomware attack will circumvent MDR’s safeguards, this warranty provides additional cyber risk mitigation for your business.


Verizon reports that “43% of breaches involved small business victims.”

According to Coveware’s data, the median ransomware payment for enterprises in Q1 2020 was $44,021.

Features at a Glance

24/7 SOC service
Immediate risk identification
Quick remediation
Ransomware rollback
$1-million ransomware warranty

Implement MDR to address silent threats.

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