For small and medium sized businesses, managing their IT networks in today’s digital world is more important than ever. We’ve become drenched in data, with as much as 90% of the data used by businesses today being created in just the last two years. This illustrates how quickly we’re accumulating new data and the importance that it has on businesses today. It also illustrates how important IT management really is.

This leaves many businesses choosing between investing resources to have a dedicated IT professional on staff or delegating IT management tasks to existing team members. Often times, these options leave businesses exposed and ill-prepared for an IT disaster. As data protection and management have become a crucial core function for businesses of all sizes, a third option emerges, as more of them are considering the solutions that managed IT services provide, and here are a few reasons why.

Protection and Enhanced CyberSecurity

In just the first quarter of 2018 alone, more than 260 million digital records containing sensitive information were compromised. The risk of cybercrime is very real, with smaller businesses often being prime, unassuming targets.

Unfortunately, smaller businesses are often unprepared for the damage that comes along with a breach to their data security. One cyber-attack can quickly destroy your customer’s trust in your brand, not to mention how it can also compromise the core functions of your business. The sad truth is that not every business successfully makes it through an attack on their sensitive data, and for many it’s the beginning of the end.

One of the most important features that IT support offers is the enhanced protection and security of your data. Plus, it isn’t just malicious attacks that you’re protected against. Natural disaster and even the occasional glitch can throw everything off track and compromise your business. IT services not only help prevent these types of disasters, they’re also masters at recovering your data before the situation reaches a critical level.

Updates and Maintenance

One of the most time consuming aspects of managing IT systems is keeping up on the seemingly constant stream of updates and maintenance. Take for example how one update can not only result in potentially hours of downtime.

This is a lot to handle in-house, and many businesses today are realizing that handing these responsibilities over to a professional team helps to streamline the process with minimal effects felt on the business end. Plus, professional managed IT providers almost always offer training and onboarding services for your team.

Big Picture Perspective

IT is one of those things that many of businesses don’t really think about until they no longer have a choice. One small issue can quickly escalate and compromise the operations and security of your business. When an issue arises, it becomes an all hands on deck situation that makes it impossible to focus on the other daily operations of your business. Growth minded businesses are realizing that managed IT services are worth their weight in gold because they allow them to keep their focus on the big picture. More businesses are realizing that a proactive approach to IT services is the only solution. Partnering with a team of IT professionals will help to keep your business safe, secure and profitable. Contact Proactive IT and let one of our IT consulting professionals help you understand the value of our services for your business today.