Are you trapped in a toxic business relationship with your current IT company?  

If you are, you’re not alone.  

This is a very real problem.  

Some IT providers are simply incompetent. The owners of these organizations may be good peoplebut they don’t know what they’re doing. That’s one problem. But other IT companies are something more than incompetent.  

These vendors are toxic—if not malicious.  

Signs of a toxic business relationship  

How can you tell if your IT provider is toxic? Things are NOT normal if you’re experiencing these issues:  

  • They don’t communicate respectfullyThey may eveverbally abuse your team.    
  • They hold you hostage with their knowledge. You feel like your data belongs to them, not you.   
  • They don’t finish the projects they start and don’t keep their promises. You can’t trust what they say.    
  • They repeatedly fail to return calls and address service tickets. They basically ignore your requests for help. 
  • Their mistakes are sabotaging your company. They don’t just fail to think strategically…they’ve made downtime and tech disruptions commonplace.  

Maybe you realize that your vendor has serious issues. You recognize that there’s a toxic business relationship. You’re fully aware that they’re undermining your team’s productivity and morale.  

From experience, I know that businesses can be unhappy and want something better.  

But they simply feel stuck.  

You might feel stuck. But you’re not! 

The apprehension you may feel about switching to a different provider is understandable. Who wants more drama or hassle?  

Below are some reasons why it might be difficult to leave your IT company along with our team’s solution.  

The contract issue: You signed a three-year service agreement, and you’re years away from its end date.  

Solution: Know your rights, and stand on them. Don’t assume you’re constrained by your current contract—especially if your IT provider isn’t fulfilling their end of the bargain. If you’re worriedplease contact us here, and we’d be happy to talk it through with you. You might be able to get out of your agreement much more easily than you realize. 

The setup issue: You don’t want to pay a large up-front fee to work with another IT vendor. 

Solution: We don’t charge setup fees! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to do business with us.  

The “I don’t want to deal with my IT company” issue: Maybe you’re not locked into a three-year contract (or your contract is almost complete). But there’s a good chance your current IT provider will get upset and make things difficult if you leave   

Solution: We don’t mind dealing with your toxic vendor so you don’t have to. We’ll handle the transition and be a buffer between you and them.  

The disruption issue: You feel stuck with your current IT company because they know so much about your systems. You’re afraid that making the switch will seriously hinder your operations.  

Solution: As experts, we don’t need previous experience with your IT systems. Our team can enter a new environment and bring order to chaos. Rest assured that we’ll work in the background to avoid disruption to your business. 

Need help?  

You may be in a difficult situation with a bad IT company.  

But you don’t have to stay there.  

The freedom, increased productivity, and peace of mind on the other side are worth it. You just might need some help getting there.  

I know that breaking free from a toxic business relationship can feel scary, and I’m happy to talk with you about your situation and how we can make the transition easy. 

You can call me at 704-464-3075 extension 3 or email  

At your service,  

– Steve  

Steve Kennen, president of Proactive IT and cybersecurity expert

About Steve Kennen

As an expert in information technology infrastructure management, cybersecurity, and cyber risk management practices for small businesses, Steve spearheads initiatives that keep his clients secure and their business operations running smoothly. His core message is that the details matter.